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Pretty soon, the days will get cooler, the evenings will get darker and we’ll switch our coffee from iced to hot. But even as the summer winds down and we begin to look forward to fall, there are a few more ways we can continue to soak up summer. So don’t break out the pumpkin spice lattes just yet—we still have Labor Day weekend to look forward to! Here, we’ve rounded up ten items you’re going to want to snag before the leaves start to fall. Check out our picks for the clothes and accessories that will help you to soak up the sun for as long as possible….

1. , $30
2. in Nude, $199
3.  in Belvedere Red, $88
4.  in Navy, $120
5. , $27
6.  in Post Modern Blues, $98
7.  in Sweet Jasmine, $69.50
8. , $59
9.  in Natural Silver, $225
10.  in Pinot Noir, $98
11.  in Pink Tortoise/Grey, $240
12. , $129
13.  in Gold and Muted Mint, $88
14. , $298

Which of these items will you be wearing and using into the fall?

Tell us your favorites in the comments!

XO Team LC

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